Clarks Creek Staff News

Jan. 4 - 8, 2016

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Clarks Creek students have PRIDE!

Ensuring that ALL students carry themselves with pride and confidence beyond our doors as honorable, skillful learners and thinkers, ready to enrich our world.
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Dear Staff,

With 2015 drawing to a close, it's a great time to reflect on the year and all that we have accomplished! I was listening to someone the other day who said that his motto was, "Adapt and Overcome." What a great way to live life! While it may seem negative at first (assuming something is going to come up that we are going to have to adapt to and overcome), it's really the most positive message that we could receive! While we know challenges will always surface, it's all about how we adapt to them and ultimately overcome them.

The more I thought about this motto, the more I thought about how it applies to our recent situation. When our plans for a great last day of semester one get squashed, we adapt those plans and overcome the disappointment by
providing our students a fun opportunity another time. When Elf Day gets canceled, we adapt and figure out a way to bring joy to our students in an alternate way! (I received many comments from families about how much they loved seeing all of the pictures we were able to put together! I know there were those who couldn't participate, but thanks to all who did!)

In a larger sense, "adapt and overcome" applies to us as educators every day. Our class doesn't master the content even after the lesson we so carefully planned? Adapt and overcome. A child's home situation doesn't provide the level of support we would hope all would have? We learn from this and provide other ways to support that student. Adapt and overcome. The state changes guidelines for this or that? Adapt and overcome.
I kept thinking up scenarios, and I couldn't think of many where this simple saying doesn't apply as the best way to manage the situation!

There is so much to be proud of from the work done in 2015 and so much yet to come in this school year! Regardless of what comes our way, we will be prepared to ADAPT and OVERCOME!

Looking forward to a great 2016!


In Case You Missed It...

This information was sent home to parents in the Clarks Creek Chronicles newsletter that went out to families earlier today. I wanted to be sure you saw it in case you get any questions about it.

Dear Parents,

Hello, everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we look forward to being back together at school on Monday, January 4th, I wanted to follow up with the message that you received from the superintendent's office earlier today.

In the previous message, you heard, "Plainfield Community School Corporation leadership, in conjunction with Town of Plainfield and Plainfield Police officials, met on December 30th in preparation for the beginning of school on Monday, January 4th. Precautionary measures have been put in place, and additional officers will be utilized for extra security at all Plainfield schools."

As this message says, for the first week of school (January 4-8) , we will have enhanced police presence in our school. This will probably not seem any different to our students, as we have an officer in our building every day already, but the time will be extended. We are blessed to be in a community where the police work so closely with us. The district has gradually increased the security presence in the schools over the last several years, with the support and cooperation of the Plainfield Police. While this new increase in hours may make us "feel better" given the recent threats at the high school, it has been in the works for some time. I am happy and grateful that it has been granted now and will remain in effect through the rest of the year.

In addition to that, we will have indoor recess the first week of school. We hope that this will ease the transition for everyone back into our regular school schedule.

Please remember that NO threats have been made toward anyone in our school. As always, the safety and security of all students and staff is our top priority. As the "P" in PRIDE says, we "put safety first" at Clarks Creek and will continue to do so now and in the future.

I look forward to seeing all of our students and staff back for a great beginning to the new year on Monday, January 4th!

Announcements and Reminders

  • We will be on the alternate schedule on Friday for our PRIDE Convo. We will begin calling down classes to the gym about 2:10 for our 2:15 start time.
  • Please be aware that on January 8th and 9th there will be morning water aerobics in the Clarks Creek pool from 8:00 - 9:00. You may see more cars and people entering in door 6. Also, the middle school swim season is beginning. There will be a bus bringing student athletes over about 3:00 p.m. and will be parents picking these kids up about 6:00. Expect to see more traffic at those times.
  • The January value nominee form is due Monday, Jan. 4th.
  • Don't forget to complete awards for the PRIDE convo, which will be on the Friday we return. Please use the brightly colored paper from the main office cabinet for your awards this month. We will put some on the counter for your use.
  • FYI, I found out right before break that I am going to be participating in the Leadership Hendricks County program over the course of the next year. This will require that I will be gone one day per month for meetings/trainings. The first one will be next Friday, Jan. 8th. I really hate to miss our PRIDE convo, but Colleen will take over my roles for that.
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Body Safety Program Rescheduled!!

Great News!!! Through the diligent work of Cathy and the other Home/School Advisors, a new program has been acquired for presentation to our students about body safety! The parent meeting will be Tuesday, Jan. 12th at 6:30 at CC in the cafeteria. K-2 students will have the program on the morning on Thursday, Jan. 14th. 3-5th grades will have the program on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 20th. A schedule will be forthcoming. While the other buildings are only doing presentations in grades K, 2, and 4, we are going to do the program for ALL of our students.

A separate email will go out to parents on Monday, January 4th with all of this information. You will also have flyers to send home with the kids and an "opt out" form. Please also include this information in your parent newsletters. You can see more about the group that will be presenting at .
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Smekens Professional Development

Many of you have had the opportunity to attend different Smekens trainings and many more have asked to attend. In order to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from these trainings, the district has purchased licenses to many different Smekens professional development videos. In second semester, we will have opportunities to view these videos with our district colleagues in our grade levels. We will be hosting these for the district, so you won't have to rush out to get there in time! The dates for these professional development opportunities are below:

  • 1/12/15
  • 1/26/15
  • 2/9/15
  • 2/23/15
  • 3/8/15
  • 3/22/15

We will not have any additional staff meetings on the weeks when we have these PD days.

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It's Almost Time!!!

The One School, One Book Committee has been working since last spring to bring this program to our school! We will begin next week! This week's staff meeting will be to bring you all up to speed on the plans and how the program will play out for our school. This is a very exciting opportunity to bring our whole school community together for a great cause - reading!

10-Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

  • 1/4 January Value Nominee Due - Equal Rights

  • 1/4 Semester Two Begins

  • 1/4 One School, One Book Committee Meeting 4:00 - Conference Room
  • 1/5 Building Discussions Meeting 4:00 - Conference Room
  • 1/6 Quarter 2 Report Cards Go Home

  • 1/7 Staff Meeting - 4:00 - 4:50 LGI
  • 1/8 Fifth Grade visit to PCMS 8:55 - 11:00 (rescheduled)
  • 1/8 Alternate Schedule
  • 1/8 PRIDE Convo #2 2:15pm Gym

  • 1/11 One School, One Book Program Begins!
  • 1/11 to 2/26 WIDA Testing Window; we will begin later in the month

  • 1/12 ELL Certified Teacher Mtg 4:00pm Superintendent's Office

  • 1/12 Body Safety Parent Meeting - 6:30 p.m. in CC Cafeteria
  • 1/12 Smekens PD - Video #1 4:00 - 5:00 CC classrooms

  • 1/13 February Field Trip Paperwork Due to MD

  • 1/14 5th Grade Mouthpiece Testing
  • 1/14 Grades K-2 Body Safety Program
  • 1/14 School Board Mtg 7:00pm Superintendent's Office

  • 1/18 MLK Day - Possible Make-Up Day

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to These Staff Members with January Birthdays!

Andrea Barkley 1-Jan

Mimi Decker 1-Jan

Allison Morken 1-Jan

Brittany Love 2-Jan

Melinda Brunat 7-Jan

Linda Theissen 7-Jan

Jennifer Johnson 9-Jan

Jo Mongan 15-Jan

Bethany Bammann 22-Jan

Angel Hardin 22-Jan

Cathy Ellis 23-Jan

Sharon Warren 31-Jan

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