HMS Weekly Updates & Reminders

Week of 9/19/16

Weekly Message

Greetings Staff,
The weekends sure do go by quickly! Hopefully, everyone found some time to do things they enjoy. It's hard to believe that the first quarter is halfway over. Several teachers shared that their students are just now settling into routines and our school-wide norms are becoming norms. Mid-Term grades should be sent out Monday, September, 19th. I'm looking forward to another great week at HMS!

The following are updates and reminders for the Week of 09/19/16.

School-Wide Beahvior Data

Please review HMS school-wide behavior data with your Hawk Talk classes. The number of office referrals and ROC referrals almost doubled in each category from the previous week. 34 to 65 ROC Referrals and 23 to 42 Office Referrals. Most students are sent for not following instructions, not reacting appropriately when asked to do something he/she doesn't want to do, and not taking "no" for an answer appropriately.
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Evaluation Teacher Self-Assessment

A reminder that evaluation Teacher Self-Assessments are due by Friday, September 30th in mylearning plan. If anyone needs help or a refresher on accessing the Teacher Self-Assessment, please let Mr. Wear or myself know. Once self-assessments are complete, Mr. wear and I will begin scheduling Beginning of the Year conferences with staff. I believe the Teacher Self Assessment and Beginning if the Year conferences are still required for staff eligible for a skip year.

There is a Teacher Evaluation PowerPoint presentation in the HMS Professional Responsibilities Google Classroom.

iStudent Clarifciation

The was a question as to what the expectation was for showing students how to register/access his/her iStudent account. I would like all students to have access to his/her iStudent account. Registering a student in iStudent is a multiple step process that takes time up front. I'm looking for input and ideas on how to do this efficiently. One idea was to choose a period school-wide for registering students to avoid duplicating efforts. More thoughts and ideas are welcome. It would be great to have students registered by the end of September.

Ms. Adleman e-mailed two documents on Thursday, 9/15/16 that are needed for registering students in iStudent.

Capturing Kids Hearts Site Consulting

HMS is scheduled to have a Capturing Kids Hearts site consultation on Thursday, October 6th. Our consultant will be Brad MCcoy. Mr. McCoy will be visiting classrooms and informally speaking with students and staff as he's in our building. Please help welcome him and show him what a great school we have.

Office Staff Meeting

Office Staff meeting on Wednesday starting at 9:00 AM.

September Fun Friday

If any staff members would like to host a Fun Friday activity, please let me know. So far we have an art & crafts activity and a book club activity submitted.

We will have our first Fun Friday on Friday, September 30th. Here are a few reminders about Fun Friday:
1. We will run a Fun Friday bell schedule.
2. Eligibility will be determined by the Tuesday progress reports (run the week of Fun Friday).
3. Fun Friday is to intended to reward students who are staying caught up on their school work. Once eligibility is established, ineligible students shouldn't try to rush, after the fact, to become eligible. There are instances where clerical errors can be corrected, but for the most part the eligible/ineligible list is set the Tuesday of Fun Friday week.

Hawk Talk

1. Boys Town: Please continue to review the Boys Town Social skill of How to Accept No for an Answer (teach/model/practice (role play).

1. Look at the person.
2. Say, "okay."
3. Stay calm.
4. If you disagree, check back later.

2. Moral Dilemma: Bully
Noah faced a moral dilemma and he needed help. Most of the time he felt quite
happy at school; he liked his teachers and had a lot of friends from different groups. But
there was one thing he really didn’t like at all. Every day he saw the same boy in his
class tease and bully the same girl during recess. The boy never bothered Noah, but was
very careful to tease the girl where teachers couldn’t see it happen, or during times adult
supervision was scarce. It was the same thing every day: the boy would approach the
girl, call her names, and follow her until she was just on the verge of crying. Then he
would laugh and walk away saying, “ I was just kidding!”

What was hardest for Noah to deal with was the fact that no one ever said anything to
the teachers. Sometimes he or someone else would try to stick up for the girl, but that
only stopped the teasing that day. It would just begin again the next. And every day
Noah struggled with the same thorny question of whether or not to tell on the bully.

Noah feared that if he went to a teacher it would get out that he was the one who
snitched, and he didn’t want the boy to start bullying him instead. He also knew how
most of the kids in his class felt about snitches. There was a very strong code of silence
around teasing and bullying. Yet, he hated to watch this poor girl brace herself every
day when the recess bell rang.

So, the dilemma in Noah's mind was, should he tell, or should he ignore it? Are there
other alternatives.

3. Technology
Ms. Schnittker shared some fun videos on our Random Slack channel about how various age groups react to technology. The videos would be fun to share and discuss during Hawk talk.

Growth Mindset

Discuss the following image of growth mindset with your Hawk Talk classes.
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Certified Evaluation Timelines

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Link to MSBSD Policy Manual