Visit Earth!

"It's time to get down to earth"

Why You Should Visit...

Earth is a great planet, one of the better planets in the milky way galaxy according to critics at "Galaxies Today", critics are raving at Earths sheer beauty and uniqueness. Earth is a very diverse planet. On Earth billions of animal and insect species thrive all over the planet, even in Earths great oceans. Earth is a pretty small planet at only 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters, its one of the smallest planets in its solar system. Earth has only one moon unlike some planets that have multiple moons, and it is about 27% the earths size. The best way of travel to earth is along lightway 2 zillion, but if your coming from the north end of the galaxy, lightway 15 trillion is a good route. From some places in the galaxy it may take several light years to get here, light years are the distance thaat light travels in one year, almost 6 trillion miles! Upon arrival to Earth you will probably notice that earth has a lot of water on the planet, earths surface is over 70% water but very little of that is fresh water (what earths inhabitants drink). Earths land is similar to land on mars with the valleys, mountains, and flatland's but earth has lots of plants and other kinds of trees, grasses, shrubs, and all sorts of living greenery. Earth has a very interesting history. Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago, scientists say during the big bang. and it has only been inhabited by humans for a few thousand years. most places on earth have 4 very defined seasons, these seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The reason for the seasons is that the earths axis is slightly tilted about 25 degrees and the rotation around the sun makes different places around earth have different seasons at different points in the rotation. On earth the humans things are mostly powered by some form of electricity that the humans harness in different ways like mining coal, that they burn to create energy, solar power, harnessing the suns energy, nuclear fusion, which happens in the sun and gives us solar energy and also the humans harness to get energy. On earth, all of the planets are spherical, the reason for this is because of the planets gravity. The gravity of a planet is always pulling toward the center of the planet and so all thee mass forms a sphere around the center of gravity. Gravity is also the force that triggered the explosion that made the solar system full of planets.

What To Do Here

What To Wear And Where To Go

Earth is a very strange place with weather, all over the world there is always some sort of weather everywhere. It would be smart to bring lots of different kinds of clothes because for rain you will need a raincoat, for sun you will want sunglasses, for snow you will want a winter coat. There are millions of big attractions on Earth, but one of "Galaxy Today's" favorite is the blue ridge mountains because of their beauty. There are also places like London and Paris that are nice too.