Patriot Update

November 10, 2014

Veteran's Day Tribute from KISD Students

Veterans Day 2009

Ten Day Count Down...

Shocked? I am! Truly can't believe we are ten days away from Thanksgiving break. This is the time of year that goes 'poof' and, before you know it, we're half way through the school year. It's a busy time of year, both personally and professionally…translation - things can feel hectic and overwhelming. Help each other to remain focused on what's important, celebrate the small victories, and choose joy.

Mark Your Calendar...

Big Kahuna Big Winners Limo to Lunch

Limo schedule is as follows:

1st grade: Meet in foyer at 10:40…leave for Pizza Inn at 10:50…Return at ~11:35

4th grade: Meet in foyer at 11:10…leave for Pizza Inn at 11:15…Return at ~12:00

3rd grade: Meet in foyer at 11:35…leave for Pizza Inn at 11:40…Return at ~12:30

2nd grade: Meet in foyer at 12:00…leave for Pizza Inn at 12:10…Return at ~1:00

Kinder: Meet in foyer at 12:30…leave for Pizza Inn at 12:40…Return at ~1:25

Lists with students' names will be emailed to teachers