Special Education Funding

SIP Grants

Special Incidence Portion (SIP)

School Boards may apply for SIP funding for additional support staff to help ensure the health and safety of students with high needs related to their exceptionality and/or disability, as well as the other students in the school. SIP is intended to offset the additional staff costs for a student who needs more than two full-time equivalent staff providing intensive support according to the formula in the SIP Staff Support Level Timetable. Funding approval will be based on the current school year timetable at the time of submission.

Who is Eligible for SIP Grants?

  • School Boards may apply for SIP funding for students who need more than two full-time staff
  • Additional Support may be from: Behavioural Assistants, Teachers' Assistants, Educational Assistants, Child and Youth Workers, Health/Personal Care Assistants, or other equivalent assistants.
  • Health Claim: Students who require more than two full-time staff to aid with activities of daily living including health and/or safety of the student
  • Safety Claim: Students who require more than two full-time staff to provide intensive support for the safety of the student and/or other students in the school

Additional Information

  • Policy/Program Memoranda (PPM) 85 discusses the funding from the Ministry that is provided to school boards when additional support staff are required to assist with students who require the support


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