English and French settlements

English settlement Treaty Of paris

By: Jananan and Karanjot

Paris and north America were the main two countries in treaty of Paris. This was all about Treaty of Paris/French giving land to the English in north America so all the French land in north America was given to the English people because they wanted to be equal and fair to the English and the way life should be respected. And also the Treaty of Paris ended the big seven years of war, that was happening around the time of treaty of Paris.

French settlementS

By: Karanjot and Jananan

Who were the people of New France?

ANSWER: The people of New France were voyagers and lots of lots of Indigenous people.

Why did the French come to Canada?

ANSWER: The French came to Canada for fur trading mostly and at that time 10,000 people from France immigrated to Canada. Most of these people were fur traders, servants, military, farmers and women to populate Canada.

When did French first arrive?

ANSWER: In 1534, Jacaques Cariter traveled to the land, which we now live in and so that means everybody in the French arrived in 1600.

What did the people of New France contribute to Canada?

ANSWER: The people of New France contributed lots of lots of fur to Canada because it is really cold in Canada and Canada is known for having a lot of snow so the people living in that time needed to stay warm and not suffer in the cold so the fur helped the people a lot.

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