A Wrinkle in Time

Travel in a 5th demencion

Sassy Symbols

The fierce red-eyed man coldy represents darkness and evil while fighting to rapidly take control over the isolated dark town. The planet Uriel represents a lushly beautiful flower because flowers grow and sprout into it's full grown self creating a vivid colorful environment. Also, Uriel represents bright flowers because flowers are gorgeous as well as having diverse colors.

Thirsty Themes

The main theme in A Wrinkle In Time is good vs. evil. Throughout the story, it is a battle of lightness over darkness. A giant theme in the novel is a question of weather good will prevail evil and overcome IT. Another huge theme in the novel is family. It shows in the story that family is the most important thing by Meg risking her life to save Charles Wallace.

Crazy Conflicts

One of the main conflicts in A Wrinkle In Time is character vs. society because the fight is against Meg and her family vs. IT. This is important because this is the reason why Meg's father has been missing.