Artists Reveal Nature

Microdrawing in Watercolor

Enduring Understanding - Artists use ideas and material from nature

Essential Questions:

Why do artists depict the world around them?

How do they do it?

Content Knowledge:

Explain how watercolor and colored pencil can be used to describe colors and textures found in nature

Explain how and artists can gain a new understanding of the world around them through intensive observation and recording.

Wax-resist Watercolor

This is another technique in which wax crayons are used to maintain the integrity of the design by stopping the flow of watercolor paints.
TUTO - Technique du frottage


  • Understands what makes different art media, techniques, and processes effective (or ineffective) in communicating various ideas

  • Knows some of the effects of various visual structures (e.g., design elements such as line, color, shape; principles such as repetition, rhythm, balance) and functions of art

  • Distinguishes among multiple purposes for creating works of art


  • Think pair share - 1. Why do artists record the world around them? 2. How do they record it?
  • Frottage assignment
  • discuss the rubbings. How well do they record? Are they realistic?
  • Read the following:“Macro in photography means that an image of the whole object on the photo is bigger than the object in real life. Micro means showing something that can't be seen with the naked eye, like when you look through a microscope. The surface of an organic form, photographed in micro, would appear considerably larger than the original object. This might mean the details of the inside of the object would be so large that only part of the object would appear in the photo.”
Based on the reading, write what you think is the definition of micro drawing, give an example and make an educated guess about how you might complete one. Then make a list of 10 things from nature you’d like to consider for your painting.

  • Review micro/macro
  • Take 10 pictures of nature
  • Watercolor Intro
  • Viewfinder 101

  • Pencil in your approved composition

  • Go over last 3 H2O techniques

  • practice using 3 different techniques on your mini-comp

  • Complete mixed-media watercolor micro drawing

  • reflect and critique