Kuznar's Top Chefs!

Edition # 34

Daily Specials...

Monday - P.E.
Tuesday - Music and P.E.
Wednesday - Art.
Thursday - Library and P.E.
Friday - P.E. and Wonder Lounge.

Weekly Specials...

Math - What time is it? Telling time to the hour and half hour. Top chef's have been doing a great job exploring time and how long it takes to do certain tasks. What can be done in a second, minute, and hour? Ask your child what they know. Next week we will begin Fractions :).

Literacy - Reading groups and sight word practice continue. Students wrote about "This is me in May". Top Chefs wrote about what they notice this month and illustrated beautiful pictures to match their words. Whole group special activities have also been going on...shhhh top secret!

Content - Butterflies are about to open! We can't wait to set them free for a wonderful adventure! Next week we will begin Plants :). Top Chef's are also talking about getting ready for First Grade! What things are the same between Kindergarten and First Grade and what things are different? Ask your child what they think.


Thank you Top Chef Families for all the beautiful pictures, flowers, sweets, fruit and cards! My heart is filled with love, and I greatly appreciate your support and kindness!
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Welcome Back Miss. Huckstep!

Lily @ 5 weeks...So cute!!!!!

Important Dates...

***May 20 = Glow Run***
*** May 23 = Kindergarten Field Trip To Ivy Creek & Penn Park***
*** May 27 = Kindergarten/First Grade Music Performance***
*** June 1 = Kindergarten Ceremony @ 1:15***

Happy Mother's Day!!

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