Digital Citizenship Project

Andrea S., Period 5

Rule #1 Digital Etiquette

THINK Before You Post:

make sure what you post is True, Helpful, Inspirational, Necessary, and Kind.

Rule #2 Information Privacy

Don't click on random ads:

Random ads can give you spam messages.

Rule #3 Social Networking

DON'T share personal information:

when you post something on a profile everyone can see it, like pictures, post and more.

Rule #4 Online Safety

keep your passwords to yourself:

don't let anyone know your additional information or passwords not even your friends.

Rule #5 Cyberbulling

Don't be a Cyberbully:

what you post or text can always be seen by other people and can be reported. So don't Cyberbully

Rule #6 Plagiarism

Plagiarism is like steeling:

when you want to copy something put quotations before and after, also give credit to the person who said that.

Rule #7 Copyright

if you Copyright you can go to court and get sued if you don't get the owners permission.