Night Questions

Lauren McLaughlin

How Did Camp Life Change People?

Camp life changed people in ways that they never thought would happen. Many prisoners lost all faith in God and they started to blame God for what has happened to them and others and for how many people that had been gassed or put into the crematorium. It separated families in more ways than one. It physically separated them from each other but it also made them angry at each other if one of them was being harmed. In the novel "Night" Elie thought that his father should know better than to give attention to himself. It changed everyday relationships with other people because many people just started to believe that they were alone in all of this so most prisoners didn't talk to many people.

Three Themes in the Novel Night.

One theme is Silence. In the novel Elie says "Never shall i forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live." This is talking about how God's silence has forever damaged his thought of life or of living. A second theme is inhumanity to other people. After experiencing and seeing this cruelty Elie can't make any sense of his own world, and he has learned about the cruelty he is capable of. A third theme is the importance of family. Without his father i don't think Elie would have made it through the holocaust. His father gave him strength, and he gave him knowledge so that he can survive.

What Does the Novel Reveal About Me?

This novel has taught me so much. It has made me think differently about many things. While reading this book, I put myself in the situations Elie has to face and I often realize that I would not have been able to survive or to be as strong as him.