We Learn by Teaching...

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"

Every week that goes by I learn more and more about your child and am so grateful for each one that is in this class. I know I keep saying this, but we really do have one of the greatest classes! We continue to teach each other what works best and what doesn't. Everyone is so helpful and is eager to not only assist me in things, but help each other out as well. Whether it is giving a simple reminder to be quiet during work time, a gentle nudge to stay on task, or helping with spelling of a word, we are coming to recognize that we are all teachers inside and all need to share our strengths with those around us. The more acceptance we teach our children...the better the "teacher" every child will be! :)


I believe it is important that you are aware of how I choose to model my classroom management/ behavior by. It is something that affects your child and his/ her learning everday. I took a "Love & Logic" seminar and not only did it change my way of speaking and thinking with classroom management, but how I choose my words/ phrases differently with my parenting as well. Attached is a link that you can explore at your own leisure if you choose. Here is a little synopsis of Love & Logic:

Principles of Love & Logic

  • To enhance student self-concept by nurturing behavioral competence & responsibility
  • To encourage student control, thinking & making wise choices
  • To hold students accountable for their choices & decision & hep them learn problem solving by using empathy & logical consequences

Basic Rules of Love & Logic

  • Adults take care of themselves by setting limits that are enforceable in loving ways without anger or lecture
  • Adults avoid anger, warnings, threats, ext
  • Use Enforceable statements
  • Children are offered choices
  • Limits are maintained with compassion & understanding
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"A Peek at this Week"----I'm late on this newsletter, sorry!

Language Arts: Starting our guided reading groups! Every day each group will be doing 20 minute sessions of "work-on-writing," "read-to-self" and "Word-Work" (spelling word practice/activities" and working with me in small groups. We launched it today and all said and done, it went pretty well. Each session listed above we discussed the "dos and don'ts", modeled it, talked about it, and finally today, executed!

Essential Question: What do pets need to be healthy and happy?

Phonics: Long a and Long i sounds

Grammar: Types of Sentences

Writing: Narrative Writing....concentrating on sentences that describe (big push in our work on writing station with journal writing!)

Target Skill: Author's Purpose


Number of the Day: Starting this routine working with place value of a different # daily

Introducing Counting strips (they had fun with this today!)

Exploring Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters

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Monday (Day 3): Music/PE

~Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday (Day 4): Art

~70's/ 80's

Wednesday (Day1): Music/ PE

~Opposites Day!

~Early Dismissal

Thursday (Day 2): Library/ Friends

~Dress as Your Favorite Role Model Day!

Friday (Day 3): Music/ PE

~Great Green Run & Roll

Great Green Run & Roll

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 9:30-10am

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

Again, keep bringing in your donations for our school's PTO! Everyone is welcomed to come and watch!

Isaac Turns 7!

Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 12am

504 South Oak Street

La Crescent, MN

We will be celebrating Isaac's Birthday after the GGR&R ...along with Mrs. Banse's Birthday!

Ryder's Turns 8!

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 12am

La Crescent, MN, United States

La Crescent, MN

Mckenna & Maleah Turn 8!

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 12am

La Crescent, MN, United States

La Crescent, MN