World War II

An important person

Adolf Hitler

Fact 1: Became chancellor of Germany in January 1933

Fact 2: After became chancellor was secretly building up Germany's army and weapons

Fact 3: Started to make alliances during 1936

Fact 4: Most didn't like what what choices Hitler was making

An important event

League of nations

What: International organization

Why: They did it to try and get world peace

Who: Woodrow Wilson


Where: International

Axis Powers

Germany: Hitler

Italy:Benito Mussolini

Japan: Hideki Tojo

Allied Powers

Country: Great Britain Leader:Winston Churchill

Country:United States Leader: Harry S. Truman

Country:Russia Leader:Joseph Stalin

Country:France Leader:Charles de Gaulle

Country:Canada Leader:William King

Getting involved

December 7, 1941- Pearl harbor

Japan bombed United States war ships

Damage: All but 3 ships sank during the bombing

December 8,1941- The U.S inters World war II

German Concentration Camps

A camp Germans would send Jews to during ww2 did it for Jews to suffer