Where I Stand

By Marcus G


The bus services in the city of Markham could be better. in the morning the bus comes every half hour in the afternoon it comes every hour. I think it would be better if the bus came every half hour all day and not just in the morning. Also i feel better routs should be made so that there are fewer buses and less transferring from bus to bus. For this to happen properly there wold have to be proper planning. the bus would still need to be fast and on time also it needs to be big to fit lots of people but environmentally friendly. All this could happen if the city of Markham passed laws, spent money and put someone worthy of the job in charge. Hence the city of Markham could and should do many things regarding the bus to make it more productive.

Bike Lanes

They should be more bike lanes and larger bike lanes in the city of Markham. the should be more bike lanes in Markham so bickers can get around the city with ease and they should be bigger to make them safe. The city could do this by making bike lane routs on all the roads. It would help the cities environment. Therefore the city of Markham should invest time and money into bike lanes.

Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is important and is a problem in Markham. In Markham many buildings and sidewalks are not fully accessible by wheelchair which is illegal and morally unjust. Buildings should be more accessible by wheelchair. This could be done if the government acted more on the issue by passing laws and spending money to make government owned land wheelchair accessible.