The Netherlands

Cool weather, great food, and greeting people!

Delicious Dining

You can even imagine the amazing food that they serve in the netherlands! Breakfast is a "Bread and Butter" meal. They serve many types of breads and Jam to go with the ham, cheese, and roast beef! Yummy! For lunch they have a dish called "uitsnijter" which is basically a sandwich with consists of buttered bread, roast beef or ham, cheese, and two fried eggs. Its like the american Breakfast sandwich but its for lunch! Dinner does not have bread in it often, for a common dinner they usually serve a dish called "Hutspot". Hutspot is a tasty dish with meat laced with Vegetables and potatoes. What a yummy day of great food! Here are some pictures of Hutspot and Uitsnijter!

The Long Hard History

The Netherlands didn't just come out of no were and automatically get its independence, they had to earn it. the Netherlands came to be in the 1600's after European conflict forced a group of people into a vast and lush land, these people soon wanted there independence from England and France. Soon later they won there independence and entered the "Golden Age". The netherlands became a very strong country in this time period and were a Major sea of power. they constantly fought France, Spain, Portugal, and England for trading rights. Soon they became a colonial Empire and owned items in almost every point of the globe! They had lots of trouble before the 20th century though because they were low on money from the two world wars they were in. But they had hope that this century would be better!

Happy Holidays!

The Dutch have plenty of holidays to attend to. Lets discus them shall we? Queens Day is celebrated on the 30th of April in memory of Queen Wilhelmina who was the symbol of the Dutch resistance agents Germany in World War 2. Lots of towns and Big cities organize kermis. Kermis is a series of festivals and fairs with games and small rides along with plenty of fireworks, its a little like a amusement park but smaller! The Dutch celebrate Saint Nicolas' birthday on December 6th instead of the 25th. They also celebrate new years the same time we do, but with different people. They celebrate New Years with friends instead of family. To be quite honest, there not as different as we are!

Lutious landmarks!

The Dutch have lots of landmarks throughout the land. They have one landmark dedicated to all of the solders that fought in World War 2. There is also a tiny town, literally its made of miniatures!! That was preserved to show how the town looked like before the war took place there and destroyed it, one Jewish troop that fought in the war requested that it should be built and it was in the proses of building when he left for the war, it was finished after he died from a fatal gun shot. This tiny town was a dream come true!!

The Dutch Language

Dutch is the official language of the Natherlands. This language is spoken in about 90% of the country as a first language. About 2.2% of the population speaks frisian as there first language instead of Dutch. Turkish and Arabic are also spoken there but not very often, only about 0.6% speak these languages though.

The Amazing Weather!

The weather in the Netherlands is fairly cool except in the summer, it gets a little warm. There is always a chance of rain in the Netherlands all year long, it rains almost every 2 to 3 weeks there. The winters are fairly cold but never cold enough for snow. It can still get a bit chilly even in summer so the people there usually bring a light sweater with them.

A simple map

Here is a map of the netherlands.


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