A Dairy

I want to help you set your dairy up and give you some tips

About what to put in dairys and what they are for :)

So I am here to talk to you about dairys.Now most girls have dairys ,but some boys have dairys.So dairys are not to just teese other people that they cant read it.They are to write your feeling in.Like anything like boys(girls), how your day went , or to get your feeling out.Most dairys are personal to where it is just for your eyes only.But yours can be for anyone to read.How your dairy looks is another thing. You could keep it how you got it or add a little extra your self.You mate want to have a spot where you hide it once you are done writing. To where no one can read it.Well that is really all you need to know.Oh another thing NEVER LOSE YOUR DAIRY!

My info if need

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