Semi-colons and Colons

How they are used in sentences?

What are semi-colons and colons?

A semicolon and a colon are very similar in their uses. Both of them indicate that there will be a pause there, but to expect that the sentence still continues.

Ways Semicolons and Colons are used

  • to join two independent clauses
  • With conjecture adverbs
  • to separate groups that contain commas

  • after a salutation
  • between numerals indicating time
  • for emphasis
  • to introduce a quotation
  • to introduce a list
  • between a title and a subtitle

Examples of Semicolons

  • I am going to visit Anna in St. Louis next weekend; we’ll get to see the Arch, Busch Stadium, and the Landing.
  • I tried; however, I failed.
  • We were forced to surrender; we had suffered heavy losses.
  • Mary drives a Mercedes; Joanne drives a Chevrolet.
  • Hundreds of people cross the border from the US to Canada every day; therefore, it is not possible to search all of them carefully.

Examples of Colons

  • You may be required to bring many items: sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing.
  • I enjoy reading: novels by Kurt Vonnegut are among my favorites.
  • We had to cancel the party: too many people were sick.
  • There is one thing that he will not accept: stupidity.
  • There are three countries in North America: Mexico, the USA and Canada.