What To Expect This Week

Our first home football game


Our practices this week will focus on preparing for our halftime performance at the Friday football game. If heat is a factor, there will be plenty to practice inside during 7th period. Individual classes may go outside to review during the morning when it is cooler. We will practice Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45-5:00pm

Friday's expectations

What Do We Wear?

All band members will wear their Band Polo Shirt, Black Pants (not faded), Black Socks, and Black Marching Shoes. Students may bring a jacket or sweater for the stands if they think it might get cold. In really cold weather I allow students to wear long sleeve tops UNDER their band shirt.

Also, during this game we will continue to send students to the band room to have their uniforms fitted. If you wish the boosters to help, they're hemming pants or jacket for $5, and $8 for both.

Football Game schedule

We will meet at 5:30. We will warm-up, tune, and run through the music for the game. Sometimes, the ASB comes to the band room and sells us tickets for our 3rd quarter break food (burrito or tacos usually). This is not required, it's only for students who want to buy something during our break.

At 6:15 the band will line up outside the band room to prepare for our pre-game march around the track. We will be playing the march for that part of the performances. Our march around the track usually happens at about 6:35.

After the march around we will go up into the stands to sit and play during the game. Students are not to play on their own, but only as a group. We have certain rules we have to follow regarding when we can and can not play. The band will play some pep tunes, fight song, and pieces of our field music.

Before the end of the 2nd quarter, the band will go down into the end zone area to prepare for entering the field for halftime. Our performance this week will be the first 3 songs of our field show.

After the band's performance, we return to the stands and then take a break until the end of the 3rd quarter. It is VERY important that all band members are back in place at the end of the 3rd quarter, so band members MUST watch the game clock. We need to play between the 3rd and 4th quarter.

We remain in the stands until the conclusion of the game. After the game is over, we will play the school's Alma Mater before heading back to the band room. When we leave the bleachers, all students need to help make sure we leave NO trash. Also, no music, stands, or other items left in our area.

After the game, students need to take their instrument home for practice, and DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR MONDAY PRACTICE, 2PM-9PM SEPTEMBER 22nd.