by: Julia Ring 4th hour

What is peyote?

Peyote is a small cactus that people use as a medicine but is often misused. This cactus contains the drug mescaline.

How is the Drug Taken into the Body?

The cactus is cut into the size and shape of buttons that are dried to be chewed or they can be soaked in water and then you drink that liquid. Also, the buttons can be ground into a powder and put into a pill or it can be smoked.

Slang Names for Peyote

Peyote is scientifically known as lophophora williamsii. However, on the streets it can be called nubs, tops, magic mushrooms, buttons, cactus, mesc, P, devil's root, bad seed, or half moon.

How Does Peyote affect the Body?

short term effects- Because peyote is a hallucigen it will make you hallucinate for 7-12 hours after consuming it. You may experience short term memory loss, flashbacks, shortness of breath, anxiety, or weakness.

long term effects- paranoia, schizophrenzia (can't tell the difference between real and imaginary), HPPV (hallucinogen persisting perception disorder)

Sign that Someone is Abusing Peyote

  • changes in personality
  • dilated pupils
  • increase or loss of hunger
  • distorted perceptions
  • euphoria (feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness)

Dependence of Peyote

A psychological dependence of peyote can be developed. Users will become addicted to the "trips" that the drug takes you on. A high tolerance of the drug builds quickly so for every use you have to take more to get the same effect.