The bulldog is doomed

Matylda Knypinski

Bulldogs need help

Bulldogs are in major trouble! This precious dog breed has some major health problems. Vets think we should ban any bulldog breading, why? Well, bulldogs have a list of health problems that goes on and on. This breed with a frail heart and a wrinkled face is in trouble. Bulldogs are considered to be doomed!
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Breathing problems!

If you hate snoring the bulldog is not your dog. Bulldogs have many wrinkles causing not enough air to leave their bodies. The wrinkles cover up their nostrils. This often causes breathing problems. Snoring, constant panting, and asthma may occur. Elongated soft palets also causes some problems, if this is left untreated, your pup may suffocate.
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A frail heart!

This breed has a terribly weak heart! It gets tired easily, so running is out of the question. Bulldogs often need to be carried because walking takes up too much energy. Their hearts may be huge for their owner, but not for running.
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Bulldogs can't boogie!

Yet another terrible problem bulldogs have is hip and elbow problems. While bulldogs are young they have normal joints, but as the grow they start growing abnormal joints. Bulldogs often do the "bunny hop." The "bunny hop"is when dogs jump with their hind legs while they walk. Like a bunny!
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Skin problems

Bulldogs often have inflammation of the skin, also known as dermatitis. They have this because of the wrinkles on their snout. This is caused because moisture is trapped inside of the wrinkles causing an infection. These wrinkles must be cleaned daily .
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A non-swimming dog

If you have a bulldog and a pool, GET A LIFE JACKET FOR YOUR DOG! Bulldogs cannot swim. Their bodies are too heavy and their legs are too stubby. Their legs cannot hold up their heavy body. Life jackets and baby gates are great ways to make sure your precious creature won't drown.
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They got 99 problems, but cuteness ain't one

People buy bulldogs mostly for their looks. Next time you are looking for a dog and you come across a bulldog, think about all the problems. This dog has amazing character, but not amazing health. Vets think we should ban bulldog breading. Bulldogs might have major problems, but also a major heart.
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