Come Settle in Beautiful Texas

By: Savanna Jacobson

Texas my Texas

"You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas." - Davy Crockett, Texas History Hero

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Reasons to Settle in Texas

You should settle in Texas because there is good soil for farming, good water, nice weather and plenty of range land for cattle herds.

Why you should choose Texas

Pack up and head to Texas

Supply checklist

1. Horses and wagons

2. Food for your journey

3. Pots and pans for campfire use

4. Quilts or night rolls

5. Shotgun for protection

6. A few animals to start your own farm

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Route to take to get to Texas

To get to Texas you have to follow these routes. If you travel by ship dock at the Gulf of Mexico. If you coming from the south like Mexico come strait north it will lead you to the Rio Grande River. If coming from north the easiest way would be to come down the Mississippi River.

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How much land would you receive?

If you come to Texas you would receive:

Single men: 1,107

Married: another 3,321

Married Mexican women: another 1,107

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A Little Bit About Texas

Texas is located below Oklahoma and above Mexico. There as always been many different tribes of Native American Indians. Sometimes, they helped explores while other times they were combative. There remains to this day Spanish Legacy in Texas. Many Spanish explores helped map out Texas. Some towns in Texas still have Spanish names. The Mexicans played a major role in colonies, laws, land grants, and settlement in Texas. The physical features of Texas include the Mountain and Basin, Great Plains, Costal Plains, and the High Plains. This means that Texas has many different types of physical features. Texas offers mountains, desert, a hill country with rolling hills, a massive costal region which sets along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It offers good farming land and many waterways. A brief summary of Texas history 1821 was the year when Stephen F. Austin brought the first colonist to Texas. In 1825 Green Dewitt was authorized to bring in 400 families. 1833 the population of Texas was about 20,000 people. In 185 on December 9 Texans capture the Alamo. The Alamo was being held by Mexican forces. March 2,1836 Texas declaration of Independence was adopted. In 1836 on March 16 the Texas constitution was approved.

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