Thoughts and Reflections

Articles that I read

Summary of 'Worried about riots in Baltimore, baseball teams play in empty stadium'

This article was about Orioles playing in an empty stadium because of riots. They had to play in an empty stadium because they thought it was too dangerous to let fans come in, but each team had to play 162 games, so they couldn't skip the game.
I thought it was interesting that professional baseball players would play in an empty stadium instead of saving the game for a different time. I also thought it was weird that three people got to watch the game, but nobody else got to watch. I thought this was a very interesting article.

Summary of 'World Cup in Russia, may not be so Inviting'

This article was about racism soccer fans in Russia. The racist fans would be very rude to African-Americans by things like waving banners that say 'White Pride World Wide'. It also talked about trying to stop the racism because the they are going to hold the World Cup there in 2018.
I thought this was an interesting article because the Russian soccer fans were so rude to African-Americans and now they're trying to stop them, so that they can hold the World Cup in Russia in 2018. I would never want to be an African-American soccer player and play World Cup in Russia if there are racist fans!