Preventing Disease

The Smart Way

Created By: Ashley Vogel and Brittany Packard

What is Direct Contact Transmission?

A disease can be spread through direct contact, which occurs when an infected person comes into contact with a person susceptible to the disease. This risk is greatly increased when one comes into contact with another's bodily fluids, such as blood or saliva.

How to Avoid Aqcuiring the Disease

There are many simple, yet crucial, steps to prevent illness, such as:

  • Sanitizing/disinfecting any areas or objects that could have been touched by an infected person
  • Gloves, smocks, and concealing clothing is important when in proximity to infected
  • Wash any clothing worn around infected carefully
  • Avoid crowds of people or animals
  • Try to limit all contact with others known to be susceptible
  • If airborne particle are a possibility, wear protective face masks and/or glasses
  • Frequently wash hands thoroughly
  • Stay up to date on all vaccinations

What to do if You Suspect You're Ill

Talk to your doctor immediately. The sooner you get checked out, the sooner you can receive treatment. If you cannot see a doctor within a timely manner, prepare for the worst (death).