2MU News

Week of 12/1/14

What's Happening in 2MU..

Hello 2MU Parents and Guardians! Here is an inside look of our learning community this past week!

Writer's Workshop:
  • Built catapults to conduct another experiment
  • Wrote up a lab report in Writer's Workshop
  • Used a checklist to learn how to improve our writing

Reader's Workshop:

  • Read and worked with the informational text, Super Storms
  • Learned all about main idea and supporting details, verbs, consonant digraphs, & compound words


  • Worked with temperature, money, parts- and- total diagrams, and change diagrams

Social Studies:

  • Began our unit dealing with the different versions of Cinderella around the world


  • 2MU won the Barnes & Noble poster contest! Be sure to vote on Saturday. Every vote counts!
  • Visit from Lieutenant Wiley from the Haddonfield Police Department to learn all about his job and how he helps the community
  • Franklin Institute science assembly: human body

Highlights of our Week!

Catapult experiment

Our scientific question: Will the ping pong ball or cotton ball travel further when launched from a catapult?

Learning about main idea and details

Students had to discover the main idea from their bag of objects.

Franklin Institute Assembly

Visit from Lieutenant Wiley

Star of the Week, Aviva Lager

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  • PTA Barnes & Noble fundraiser from 10-2
  • If your child is singing at the fundraiser, please arrive by 11:45.
  • Mrs. Murphy will be a guest reader at 11:30.

See you then!