A Work In Progress

By Connor Franta

Connor Franta's YouTube life...

First Connor was just a young boy from Minnesota, who loved cameras. His obsession started young. Videos to pictures he loved it all. Connor started posting videos to YouTube in 2010. He was still in college. Not knowing that 5,000,000 (yes five million) subscribers would come from it. 5,000,000 subscibers waiting to watch his next video every week. After graduating college he moved to Los Angeles. Soon after moving to LA he started getting recongnized. He says "I just started getting recongnized, i had to wrap my head around this new normal, it just felt weird." Later in 2013 he joined a collaberation group named O2L (Our2econdLife). It was a group of boys ( Rickey Dillon,Sam Pottorf, Jc Caylen, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley and Connor Franta) they posted videos every day with an alteranting squedual. Soon after they would hit it big to, going to live shows and meet and greets. in early 2014 Connor came out as gay, and in early 2015 Connor resigned and in a few months O2L would break up. Connor still made his own videos and had his O2L fanbase and his own.
Internet Users In Real Life

Connor's life before YouTube

Age 4: Connor broke his brothers arm, Brandon Connor's little brother was annoying him so Connor decided to throw him off the chair he was standing on and snap his arm.

Age 6: Stole a piece of candy from the convenience store, but he "needed" that candy. He tried to hide it from his dad in the car, it didn't work. his dad drove him back to the convenience store and made Connor give it back. And made him apologize.

Age 9: Joined the swim team at the Y because he was getting "plump" for say.

Age 14: landed his first job at a local pool as a lifeguard, with a nice 20 hours a week.

Age 17: won the state championship for swim, 17min 1.650 yards against 7 others.

Age 18: college and a YouTube career in the making.

Age 23: Writing a book and has over 5,000,000 subscribers, also doing meet and greets left and right.

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A Work In Progress

I recommend most to read this book it is very well put together, and an overall great book.