Constructing a Shed

CLA-SHSM Construction- MBF3C and MAP4C-Fletcher's Meadow SS

Your Task

A shed needs to be constructed for your school. Using the diagrams given below and by watching some videos

  • find the missing values
  • determine the amount of material needed for the job
  • create a scale paper model of the shed

Answer the following questions. Round off your answers to one decimal place where applicable.

1. To calculate the total roof area.

a) In diagram 3, if BD = AD, calculate the length BC. You may watch this video to help you answer this question. [2 marks]

1 1 SohCahToa with sides
b) Calculate the total area of the entire roof using the answer you found and using the

diagram 1. [1 mark]

2. To calculate the total wall area.

a) Find CD and calculate the total shed height taking help of the video link provided here.

[2 marks]

b) Calculate the area of the door and the window. The dimensions for the window are listed in diagram 1 and dimensions for the door are listed in diagram 2.[2 marks]

c) Now calculate the total area of all walls. Assume that there is just one door and one window in the shed. Make sure to subtract the area of a window and area of the door.[4 marks]

3. To determine material needed to complete the job.

a) Use the total area to determine the number of sheets of plywood needed to build the shed, i.e. sides and a roof. Include 10% plywood to account for cutting waste. Each sheet of plywood is 1.2 m by 2.4 m. Watch the following video to help you calculate % of a whole number. [4 marks]

How to work out percentages of whole numbers

b) Use the total roof area to determine the number of bundles of shingles required to shingle the roof. Each bundle of shingles covers approximately 2.8 square meters. Add an extra 10% to account for waste and overlap. [ 4 marks]

4. Create a paper model of the shed using the scale 1 m = 5 cm. Draw the door and a window, to scale, on the model.

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