The Super Stopper


Introducing ... The Super Stopper

The Super Stopper stops running in hallways. When someone starts running there are lights that light up. If they keep running the floor lifts up to an incline so it's harder to run. When they stop running the floor goes back to its normal position.

Where do I buy The Super Stopper?

You can't go to Target and buy The Super Stopper. You have to order it in a catalogue and have The Super Stopper installed

The Cost

The Super Stopper only costs $10,000! My reasoning for this price is that each elevator floor costs $20,000

Why should I buy The Super Stopper.

The Stopper even has the word excellence in its slogan. The Safeway To Excellence. The Super Stopper even has a 1 year warrantee. We will give you the part that broke in that 1 year span.