Joaquin Miller Elementary

Staff Bulletin - December 15, 2014

Principal's Corner

Holiday Appreciations to our Joaquin Miller Staff:

To the dedicated women and men who work together to create a beautiful learning environment for our students, I thank you. Each of you brings so much joy, creativity, quality and integrity to this profession. To my office staff, Ms. Harper and Ms. Sims, you're my right hand. You two ladies light up the front office with life, laughter, and kindness. I appreciate all you do to ensure our attendance is perfect, our billing is smooth and our staff have what they need to be successful.

To my custodians, Mr. Puzon and Ms. Sheila. How can I thank you enough for all you do to keep our facility looking terrific. I am so proud to walk down the halls of our school, because of your hard work!

To my support staff, Ms. Gonzales, Ms. Addie, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Woodrow, Ms. Cooper Campbell, Ms. Hurt, Ms. Norma, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Tahia, Ms. Keeandra, Mr. Jesse, Ms. Lavera, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Robin and Ms. Dees. You are the pulse of the school, keeping our students grounded, protected, and supported, so that they may focus on their learning. To the Teacher Aides and Teacher Academic Supporters, Ms. Evans, Ms. Miller, Ms. Melton and Ms. Stafinsky. You are the glue that holds it all together. You are everywhere, busily working behind the scenes to bring all of the activities of school life and learning together. Thank you for hanging in with us this year, I know that it has not been easy for you.

To our “Specials” teachers, Ms. Moore, Ms. Gullikson, Mr. L, Mr. McCord, you all bring amazing enrichment to our student's lives. They learn 21st Century skills through your dynamic lessons and collaboration through your projects! Our student’s love to read, to engineer, to play and to use technology in cutting edge ways because of your classes.

To the heart of our school, all of our amazing teachers, Ms. Hill-Roy, Ms. Mandi, Ms. Savage, Ms. Jue-Leong, Ms. McQueen, Ms. Milliken, Ms. Williams, Mr. Wooliever, Ms. Cohn, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Ulrich, Ms. Kramer, Ms. Palmer, Ms. Gleghorn, Ms. Scott, Ms. Moran, Ms. Tarica, and Ms. Evans. There are not enough words to describe how you share your inventive lessons, you work with students who are not always easy to work with, you have incredible patience, high expectations for your students and you hold yourself to a high standard. I appreciate each of you uniquely and collectively. In addition, many of you have taken on leadership roles in our school community, and we have all benefited from your guidance, knowledge, and support!

I am humbled to work with each and everyone of you. I pray that you all have a wonderful holiday break next week.

Paulette Smith


What's Happening this Week?

December 15 Oakland Ballet 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Please come in quietly/promptly

December 16 Emergency Drills at 1:15 PM

December 17 Reading Challenge Celebration - Class Readers; Reading Assembly 10:45 AM for 30 Minutes

Teacher PD - Data Wall Board

December 18 Ms. Smith/Mr. McCord going to special Tour of Levi Stadium and to learn about the STEAM curriculum offered with the NGLC Group

December 19 Holiday Sing Along 10:45 AM Prep students to sing with gusto!

Staff meeting on Monday has been cancelled

Community meeting on Tuesday has been moved to January 13 at 6:30 PM

Reclassification Results

Congratulations! This fall, OUSD reclassified 649 students! Given the new process, we especially wanted to commend:

  • Joaquin Miller for being the first school to complete the reclassification process!
  • Dewey, Life Academy, Met West, and Oakland Tech achieved the highest reclassification rates among high schools. Further, each of these schools made huge jumps in reclassification rates since last Fall with improvements of 19%, 9%, 13%, and 15% respectively!
  • Elmhurst Community Prep, Montera, and Urban Promise Academy achieved the highest reclassification rates among middle schools.UPA improved its reclassification rate by 15% since last Fall.
  • Burckhalter, Carl Munck, Cleveland, Franklin, Laurel, Lincoln,and Thornhill achieved the highest reclassification rates among elementary schools.
Thank you to all teachers, designated site leaders and principals for diligently moving this work forward! With your help, we were able to go from about 50% of school completing the process on time, to nearly 96%!