Gettysburg Address

The Speech Never Forgotten

The Honorary Ceremony

On November 19, 1863, everyone gathered to honor the grounds of lost soldiers of Gettysburg. The main speaker, Edward Everett, had taken weeks to write his speech, which lasted over two hours. President Abraham Lincoln was a side speaker, and he had taken maybe a week to write his speech. Lincoln's speech lasted only two minutes, but was one of the most monumental speeches ever presented. This ten sentence document spoke to not only the people of the Civil War, but to Americans today. Lincoln showed America as a nation of freedom, and not a group of states.

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The Lincoln Address Memorial

Above is a plaque showing the general area where President Lincoln delivered this memorable speech.

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Get it?

The picture above shows the opening lines of the Gettysburg Address, and sets the theme for the rest of the speech. This simple sentence gives the feel of equality, freedom, and a fresh start.