An Early Explorer

About Balboa

Balboa was an early explorer. He was born 1475 at Spain and died 1517 in Darren.What he did was he was the discoverer of the Pacific Ocean.

Early Life

Balboa was born in Spain 1475 .He went to Central America in the year 1500

Reason For Exploration

The king of Spain paid for Balboa's Legendary trip.Balboa was looking for new land.


He explored central America and he is the discoverer of the Pacific ocean. he found it on September,25,1513.He traveled by ship.


He died 1517 at Darren.He changed the world because people can go there to travel,swim, lot's of stuff and the pacific ocean covers about 5% of the world.
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A New Discovery

Thursday, Sep. 25th 1513 at 5pm

Pacific Ocean

Balboa has discovered a new body of water.It is called the Pacific Ocean.It is by South America. Good Job Balboa!
Almanac: Pacific Ocean discovered