Teen Pregnancy

The Real Facts

See the Signs

There are ways to detect possible pregnancies WITHOUT seeking medical confirmation.

  • A missed menstrual period
  • Sudden cravings for certain foods
  • unusual fatigue
  • Frequent Urination
  • Frequent sickness/dizziness

Know How To Confront and Deal

Pregnancy can be a terrifying subject. You and your daughter are both scared and possibly confused, but being the parent you must confront the situation as mature and non-threatening as possible.

  1. Come to terms with it before you confront the teen. Release all possibly damaging emotions, If it takes days or weeks, so be it.
  2. When you do talk, stay calm as possible. It is important for her to know she can be open with you.
  3. Focus on trying to understanding how she’s feeling right now. This will allow her to feel secure. She may feel alone at the moment.
  4. Find out if the father knows and if his parents know. It is important that everyone knows what is going on. When everyone is on the same page the process will go a lot smoother.
  5. DO NOT try to force your views on what she should do with her pregnancy. This may cause her to believe that she is disappointing you/letting you down.
  6. Make sure she knows her options. Keeping the baby
    -Putting the baby up for adoption. Letting she know any option she picks is okay, would be very helpful also
  7. Brace yourselves. This experience will be a roller coaster. It is crucial you both understand Everything Will Be Okay.