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Information about all the companies accelerated in Barcelona

Wayra Barcelona

Services offered by Wayra:

1. Convertible loan of up to 40k€

2. Accelerating services valued at 60k€ (20K€ every 4 month period)

2.1. Office space with a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 12.

2.2. Services tailored to each startup:

  • UX
  • Branding
  • Growth Hacking
  • Metrics
  • Design
  • Strategic sales
  • Investment readiness
  • Pitch preparation
  • CFO in Residence
  • Bootcamp: an intensive week of lectures and workshops held at Universitas (Telefonica’s corporate University) with specialized lawyers, venture capitalists. Also includes a visit to Madrid’s District C.

2.3. Talentum: Telefonica’s Talentum program provides employment, part-time in a 6 month period, for students or graduates in computer engineering and telecommunications in one of Wayra’s companies.

2.4. Wayra offers : www.wayra.co/offers/

2.5. Visibility and networking: Telefónica collaborates with various media outlets, which is why Wayra’s companies have constant publicity through radio, newspapers, online blogs etc.

2.6. Telefónica connection: connection with Telefonica’s clients with the objective to provide the services and/or products the accelerated startups offer.

Wayra Barcelona’s Milestones:

  • +10M€ of external investment for our companies
  • 29 startups accelerated in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition with an 85% survival rate.

2014 - 2015 STARTUPS


Create intelligent business solutions using smartphones.

Aditium# develops solutions that are easy to install and make life easier for its customers. It is a software development company that is specialized in mobile solutions for transport, events, retail etc. Aditium# uses NFC technology, a wireless communication, short-range high frequency that allows the exchange of data between devices, specifically smartphones.


  • Product in the market with direct customers (4YFN, MWC, Bus companies, etc) and telefónica customers (Agbar, Barcelona city council, etc.)
  • Revenues of 100k till August 2015 and pipeline with very important projects
  • Have raised all the public funding desired (155K)

Aditium Executive Summary


Ranking the popularity of every place on Earth.

AVUXI analyzes data from various sources to help uncover the social structure of entire cities and neighborhoods, instantly identifying what city areas are popular, for what, whom and when.
It allows businesses and consumers alike to take much faster and better decisions by providing instant understanding of the most socially relevant areas anywhere on the planet, something that normally takes days or even months to learn.


- 360K € funding

- 7 live pilots

- Unique global coverage - selected by KAYAK in July 2015 as winning solution

AVUXI Executive Summary


MeteorDesk connects the customer service industry to the two billion people using instant messaging mobile applications.

Customers hate calling customer service and spend most of their time on IM apps. However, businesses are unable to provide
scalable customer service on these apps as they weren't designed for B2C communication.
MeteorDesk is a cloud platform and API that offers businesses a multi-user ticketing system so they can provide scalable
customer service on mobile instant messaging applications.


  • Cloud platform and API developed
  • Trials with Telefónica, Food Panda, Mango and others.
  • Working with resellers in Latin America

Executive Summary MeteorDesk

Emotions AR

emotionsAR is a platform that makes images that come alive. Add sound, motion and interactivity to pictures, which come alive with our emotionsAR APP.

emotions AR offers license free AR B2B SaaS solutions to a wide range of customers, from photo enthusiasts and professional photographers to marketing agencias and media outlets. Users can easily create augmented experiences by adding sound, audio and interactivity to their images, which come alive when scanned with our emotionsAR APP. The company’s product portfolio includes emotionsAR branded mobile and web-based solutions as well as ad-hoc ones for premium customers requiring custom branded applications.


  • First Round of Financing 300k€
  • Launch PRO Web APP
  • emotionsAR as an official Telefonica Supplier

Emotions Executive Summary

First V1sion

FirstV1sion is a wearable broadcast system that immerses fans into the game through the athlete's' point of view.

First V1sion is a new broadcast system that enables fans to experience the players' field of vision in sports where this was not possible before such as basketball, football, tennis, and many more. Completely imperceptible by the player, it is fully integrated within their competition shirts. It immerses fans into the game, changing the way you watch sports through wearable technology.


  • INTEL MAKE IT WEARABLE contest finalist.
  • Pilot with CÓRDOBA C.F. --More than 20M viewers on TV.

First V1sion Executive Summary


Geenapp is a platform that takes all the promoted app offers worldwide and pays everybody who gets installs them.

Geenapp is an app promotion platform that takes all the promoted app offers worldwide and pays everybody who gets installations for them. It is a platform that brings together all the Apps campaigns to offer an intelligent promotion system. It helps advertisers and app developers to promote their applications. The company provides users a URL that allows downloading applications from official App Store, and allows users to advertise applications posting their URL on social media account, benefiting both, the publisher and advertiser.


  • Have reached Break Even
  • Have internationalized 100%
  • Have raised all the public funding desired

Geenapp Executive Summary


Rethinking genomics to evolve society

GENOMCORE provides the legal, logistic and computational framework to allow any person to have an informed and secure access to their genome. Users maintain complete ownership of their data and can allow a supervised access to their genomic information for different services provided by third parties, as medical and healthcare providers. At the same time, these service providers account with a powerful and cost-efficient channel where commercialize their personalized products.

Executive Summary Genomcore


Marketeer.co is an all-­in­-one automated engagement and support platform that wins customers.

In just 3 simple steps, you will be ready to engage every visitor using human-like conversation to provide support, capture leads or intelligently escalate to a live agent like never before. + info


  • Creating a distribution channel with 8 sales reps and partners in several countries.

  • 1,5k+ customers in the Beta version. 20k+ prospects.

  • Moving the firsts big-sized clients, with a Bank in Africa, the Government of Catalonia and mid-sized Spanish companies.

Executive Summary Marketeer


When working with your team, or a client, it can be extremely difficult to collaborate on projects. There is no official protocol for keeping track of shared files, who changed them and when.

With Octonius, you can not only do this, you can do it with ease. Simply drop any file onto the page, choose whom you want to share it with, and voila!


Tappx- The largest open cross-promotion community for app developers around the world

Tappx enables app developers to promote their apps for free by exchanging ads with other developers. For each ad that a member shows, he earns a credit (Tappx), and each time another member shows one of his ads, he is charged a credit. We are a community made by developers for developers. Tripych


  • Achieved and continued over Break Even since Jun '15
  • Currently working with over 115 countries
  • Over 4.000 App Developers

Tappx Executive Summary


You build the cool Things. We connect you to the Internet! thethings.iO is the missing link between your networked products and the internet.

Companies developing new hardware gadgets currently have a lot to do - design, prototype, and manufacture it, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch. thethings.iO reduces time and cost of this process, while offering developers and users increased functionality. This frees up hardware for companies and allows them to focus on what they do best: build awesome new things.


  • June 2015 - investment of 250.000€ + 300.000€ in public grants (or more)
  • July 2015 - users start to buy individual licenses organically through Paypal + we appear on Techcrunch
  • August 2015 - recurrent revenues of 2.400€ per month and pipeline with very important worldwide companies

theThings.IO Executive Summary


About Wayra:

Wayra is on a mission to promote innovation and scope out new talent in the fields of Internet and new information and communication technologies (ICT) in Latin America and Europe. Through its global acceleration model they continue to support entrepreneurs and provide them with the technological tools, qualified mentors, the most cutting-edge technological facilities and the financing they need to accelerate their growth.

Fourteen Wayra programs are currently running in twelve countries (Argentina , Brazil, Chile, Colombia , Spain, Germany , Mexico , Peru , United Kingdom and Venezuela ). Since it’s inception, Wayra accelerators have received more than 30,000 proposals to create new digital businesses, which makes it the single largest platform for talent acquisition in the world of ICT. Currently, their academies Bogota, Mexico City , Lima, Buenos Aires , Madrid , Barcelona , London , Sao Paulo, Dublin , and Munich have over 497 portfolio companies.