By:Brishna Shirzai


Islam is a religion of virtually all Afghans. About 80 percent are Afghans in Afghanistan and they speak (Dari).


Both Dari and Pashto are the offical languages,and most people speak both languages.Some 32 languages and dialects are spoken in Afghanistan.


The President is directly elected to five years term. The constitution guarantees many freedoms, in practice, freedom of speech, association, religion, and press are not respected.The president of Afghanistan is Ashraf Ghani.

Education System and Schooling

Primary schools covers classes 1-6 (ages 6-12).Secondary school includes classes 7-9 (ages 13-15) and high school is compared of classes 10-12 (ages 16-18).


You cant believe this my country's famous food is rice and chicken.As always its going to be rice and chicken.


The money that Afghanistan works with is Afghan's.


Do you want to know the highest mountain in Afghanistan well not the highest but the medium size of mountain. Also the name of the mountain is Hindu Kush and the height is 7,492m.

The Homes in Afghanistan

Saturday, April 25th 1998 at 2:15pm

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul, Kabul

This Earthquake was very strong and had killed HUNDREDS of people died even little kids died. :c and it happens every year and it happened last year but this one was bad.
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