Canada vs. USA

By: Jaden Patel


The US brings in 46,381capita per year. Canada brings in 41,368 capita per year. the military expenses for both of the country's Canada-18.28$ billion USA-663.7$ billion , the USA spends more money on their military. they take more pride in it.
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In the 19th century and 20th century close to 900,000 french Canadians moved to the USA , two-thirds went to mill towns where they worked in wind mill factories , and also for the better lifestyle.the french had mostly a catholic religion, most still practice it to this very day. The generation of the younger people is slightly decreasing also.
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The constitutional monarchy, is the type of government Canada has to where USA has is federal democracy. the two are very different one has a queen and the other a president. The laws they make are passed to the 3 different types of branches of government they have.
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This is the school packet that was provided for me to get all of my information.