Liberty Academy Newsletter

February 22, 2017

Need help filing your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

Maplewoods Community College will help you! March 7th OR March 22nd. From 2-7pm in the Exploration Room outside the Financial Aid Office. CALL THEM for more information so you know what you need to bring with you to this session: 816=604-3767


We are having our 18th annual Bowl-A-Thon. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. It is from 1pm-4pm at Retro Bowl n Liberty on March 11th. You can buy a package (2 games of bowling, t-shirt, shoe rental, and door prize) for $25, if you want only a t-shirt they are 10 dollars a piece. We also will take any donations! Turn money into Mrs. Lawson ASAP.

Design Challenge SUCCESS!

Two students designed a utensil for a local man battling Huntington’s disease. The students met the man and got a sense of how eating can be a challenge with his disability. With the help of Mr. Kisker, Liberty North Project Lead the Way teacher, and using Liberty’s 3-D printer, the students were able to 3-D print a prototype utensil for this gentleman to try out. Once he is able to test out their design, variations and changes will be made accordingly.--Mrs. Zubeck

Design Challenge Showcase!

Our next Design Challenge Showcase is Thursday, March 2nd at 1pm! We hope you can join us that afternoon so our students can show off their work!

From the desk of Mrs. Norris...

Navigating the dating scene:
Positive dating experience now may set the stage for healthy adult relationships later. Use these guidelines to talk regularly with your teenager about dating.
*Rules: Set and discuss rules with your teen. For example, maybe he's only allowed to go on group dates for now. You might also require that he tells you where he is going and agree on a curfew for when he needs to be home.
*Respect: Your child needs to show respect for his date--and expect respect in return. That includes being considerate when he sees his date at school and not spreading rumors, even if they decide they're not right for each other.
*Risks: The pressure to experiment with sexual activity is real for both boys and girls, whether from peers or from dates. And teenagers may make decisions without considering the risks. Talk to your child about your values and expectations, as well as the consequences of having sex.