…what are you risking?

You are risking your heart conditions by damaging it,

harming your blood cells and possibly getting Coronary heart disease (CHD),

heart attacks or high pressure and even more heart diseases.

Do you really want to risk your heart condition? Compare the 2 hearts below.

…what else are you risking?

Smoking damages your lungs and breathing. Which can cause you to get Asthma, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, and even more. Smoking will scar your lungs, do you really want to risk the ability to breath perfectly fine? Take a look at the image below.

Did you know that...

Smoking can change your skin. Smoking can case you skin discoloration, wrinkles, and premature aging. Would you like to have fingernails and the skin on your fingers to be filled with yellow stains?

Don't do it

Just because it makes you feel “better” it doesn’t mean that’s the only way, hanging out with friends, exercise, play sports, do try other activities that make you happy.

Just because you’re trying to look “cool” doesn’t mean that you have to smoke. Why try to become something that you’re not, enjoy life in different perspectives.

Feeling depressed? Smoking is not the way to go it won’t make everything go away. Feeling depressed can lead you to reliving everything that way but that’s not how it should be. Find help, ask for advice talk to those close to you.

Sometimes hanging around with the “friends” that are pressuring you to some make you to smoke are most likely the wrong crowd to hand out with. Don’t let bad influences led you to taking wrong decisions.


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