Archetype Examples

Clara Bae & Eliana Yamouni

Manipulator :: President Snow from Hunger Games

President Snow is the absolute ruler of Panem who oversees the Hunger Games and enforces his power over the people in the districts. He appears to be a noble man, but he often disregards morals in order to fulfill his desires. He proves to be a manipulator through his trickery and knifing word choice, which lead him to achieving complete power over millions of people.
Hunger Games #4 Movie CLIP - President Snow Scene (2012) HD
This video shows that President Snow often twists words around in order to make people believe in what he says, no matter how brutal and unmoral his sayings may be.

Suitor :: Luke Ross from Jessie

Luke Ross from Jessie is the son of supermodel and a movie producer. He is very full of himself, and he is an exquisite dancer. Because of his distinct characteristics, he thinks that he can win the heart of any girl that he desires. This shows that Luke is a suitor because suitors are typically represented by characters who always try to woo someone, but usually fails to accomplish their goal. Luke is a suitor in the television show, Jessie, because he always tries to impress his Nanny, Jessie. Although he repeatedly fails to get Jessie to fall in love with him, Luke never gives up.

Mistreated/misunderstood Villain :: Electro from Amazing Spiderman 2

Electro is initially introduced into the film as a gentle man known as Maxwell, who happens to be one of Spiderman's biggest admirers. After falling into a tank of electric eels, Maxwell gains the ability to electrocute people/objects on command , thus becoming Electro. While Electro doesn't mean any harm, he cannot control his temper, and every time his temperment is tested, Electro releases his anger by misusing his powers. This goes to show that Electro is a mistreated and misunderstood villain because he is not fully responsible for his unjust deeds because Electro is not a considerably normal/stable mind set. Therefore, while Electro appears to be inherently evil, he can't be fully to blame for his actions because they are not always intentional.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 - Times Square Full Scene - 1 (Electro Arrives At Time Square)
This video shows how Maxwell begins to innocently discover his powers as Electro. Initially, he is very confused, but later, he begins to lose his temper after people treat him like a criminal.