Thirdeye Tapestries

Add a Splash of Color to Your Private Space

Your house or your office is your own private space where you can be yourself. If you are planning to redecorate the place or change the look a little then you should take a look at tapestries that are now available in the market online. Tapestries are basically wall hangings made out of cloth that either have embroidery on it or a painting that is done from fabric paints. It is almost always very colorful and depicts a scene or some abstract art. Latest technology has also made it possible for tapestries to now be printed with various designs and art. Such wall tapestries are a great way to brighten up any room by adding a splash of color to it.

Traditionally tapestries were used to outline family trees or to sport the family emblem of royal families. But now they are used with a more designer purpose. In fact, hippie tapestries are an excellent way to hide ugly walls in your home or walls that have been discolored because of seepage. If you have a wall in your home that your toddler has turned into his or her own master art canvas and you want to hide it, then you can get a wall tapestry and hang it over the portion. Buying and hanging such tapestries is very easy and they look beautiful. If you have an art theme or an interior designer theme in mind then you can simply look up a design that goes well with it and then buy the tapestry to hand in the room.

These beauties are good for decorating not just your drawing room and living room but also your study and bedroom. You can place it on the wall behind the bed or where you have created a small sitting area for yourself. This can also be looked upon as an excellent way to unleash your creative potential. It is not necessary for the person to be a painter or an artist to be called creative. Even people who have a knack for shopping and mixing and matching the right colors can be creative and a very good way to give an artistic touch to your home is by adding tapestries.

You can find tapestries for sale online at websites such as Third Eye Tapestries where they have a huge collection of such items. If you are into abstract art then you would find hippie tapestries more to your liking otherwise you can also select something that shows a natural scene like a forest or a meadow or even portraits. If you have a blank and bare wall in your house that has been haunting you, or in your office that you feel should be covered up then you should definitely think of adding a tapestry. Even in offices, a very boring office setting can be made more attractive by adding a tapestry that has a very sophisticated design and colors to it.

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