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Welcome to your Virtual branch of APTUK


whether you are visiting this site because you haven't got a branch close to you or you can't make the local branch meeting, welcome. The aim of this site is try to replicate the support and networking that you would get from your branch, without you having to leave the comfort of your armchair, unless you are accessing this from work.

Tell me what you would like see on here and I will do my best to oblige. The aim is to add quiz's, case studies, audio recordings, material for you to comment along with your peers, links to facebook.

Revalidation 2018

Have you received your letter from the GPhC, with your activation code. If not send an email to A member of our customer services team will then post your activation code to the address they currently hold for you.

If you are a pharmacy technician registered with GPhC, you will need to sign up to the new myGPhC and create an account to renew your registration and submit your revalidation records.

Important: your existing myGPhC login details will not work. If you try to use them, you will lock your account.

Removal of old records from up to

On the 1st April 2018, became read only so you will no longer be able to make or amend CPD entries in this platform. On 1 June 2018, the system will be taken offline and closed. All records recorded in this system will be deleted.

If you want to keep any of the records you have entered into, then you will need to print or download them by 1 June 2018. See section 7 of the CPDOnline user guide for instructions on how to do this. I strongly advise that you consider removal of your records; it doesn’t take too long and you need to consider that there may be circumstances in the future where you may be required to have demonstrated competence in your role.

APTUK Branches

Did you know the following areas have local branches, even if you are unable to make their meeting let them know who you are and that you use the Virtual Branch.

Aberdeen, Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Kent, North Merseyside, London, Swindon, Northamptonshire, Warrington, West Midlands, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and Humber.

Previous Virtual meeting pages

Each of the link below contains information on various topics that have been held over the last year. Have a read, participate in what interests you, leave comments (constructive please).

If you have an interest in a particular area let me know, contact information below.

Facebook page for Virtual Branch

New facebook page for all users of Virtual feel free to post


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