Cruise Line and Private Watercraft

By: Gretchen Hinger

All About this Job

In this job as a cruise line and private watercraft designer you get to design many things like pools and other things you can put on a boat or watercraft. With this job you need many skills of being able to fit lots of sleeping areas and places that people will enjoy at the same time. This would come into place when dealing with a cruise ship and maybe a house boat.

Amount of Pay and Education

For this job you will need some education to get you started. To get this job you will have to go to college and get a bachelors degree. When you finally get that degree and finish college you can find this job. Once you get the job you will be paid about 47,600 per year when having this job.
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Interesting Facts

With the job of an cruise and watercraft interior designer you can help people find their dream boat and it is always good to help people. Also an interesting thing about interior designing is that you can decide what the boat or yacht can have in it and you get to pick out the patterns and furniture.