How to get on to celly

This website is great and I'm going to show you how get on

How to start a group

OK the first thing to do is to sign up , type in your name , choose your avatar and click make a group then type your group's name like The Chats or The Friends etc. Then look at the PIN number.

Adding friends

Now you got the group done lets get the friends on! Tell your friends to sign up and do the same thing. Then make them click join and make them type the PIN number and click the done button.

Letting your friends join

So you think your done now WRONG you need to let your friends in click the the button that says "people want to join come on let them in" or something else once your on the page the names of the people will come up click the join button next's to there names and your done.

Don't what to read then WATCH!

Bored of reading then WATCH a VIDEO (Video may not work for some people)!
Introducing Celly