Guns N Roses

Malaki, Meyer.

The all American hard rock band!

Guns N Roses is fames fin the musical world because there in the rock in roll hale of fame, they have sold over 100 million copys of their albums and got the top of the billboard 200!
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The band joined together in 1985, in Los Angles, the band members include, Axl rose as their volcolest, slash as their lead guitarist, izzy, Stalingrad rhthem guitarist, buff Meagan as their basses, Steven Adler as their drummer. A year after they formed on 1986 Guns N Roses signed with Geffen records.
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This is Guns N Roses 1st album cover!

There rock history!

Over the time they were with Geffen records they have brought out 31 albums, out of all of those they only have had 1 live album, they have sold 100 million worldwide including their 50 million sold in America! The band's studio album, “Appetite for Destruction,” was released in 1987, reaching the top of the Billboard 200 which is out of 200 highest ranking song/albums in the United states. It also sold 18 million albums in the United States alone! But over 30 million worldwide!They are also in the rock and roll hall of fame. After all that, there experience ended with their last album with the whole gang, 'The spaghetti incident?' on 1993. They just got dropped from their label at Geffen records because they pick up Michael Jackson for them. Well they never really broke up, all of them have just kind of quiet of age, but the time they stated quitting was when axl was kicked out of there band because he could not drum anymore because of his drug addiction.

This is a quote from the group there self's.

"find your head.

and in the end,

you will find your inspiration."