Patient 1

Patient History

Healthy 6 year old girl who was taken to the doctor with severe diarrhea. She became suddenly sick in the middle of the night. Mother reported that she and her daughter were making cookies and she ate raw cookie dough with raw egg in it.

Vital Signs

  • Temperature: 98.7 degrees F
  • Blood Pressure: 91/53
  • Heart Rate: 103 bpm

Probable Pathogen: Salmonella

Because she ate cookie dough containing raw eggs.
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Is it contagious or Infectious?

Yes Salmonella is contagious.


You get salmonella by eating or ingesting raw eggs or raw poultry.


Don't eat any food that contain raw egg or unfinished poultry, also avoid contact with someone who is infected.


You may only need fluids for a week but if it is more severe you may need medical care or antibiotics.