By Eric Wex

Adjectives that discribe it


-Duty fulfiller

Ten descriptors of ISTJs

1. Being super dependable

2. Extraordinarily preserving

3. Highly sociable around people they know

4. Not comfortable with anything that gets to fancy

5. Go above and beyond in their work

6. Quiet and reserved individuals

7. Interested in security and peaceful living

8. Very loyal, faithful, and dependable

9. Tend to believe in laws and traditions

10.Put a tremendous amount of energy into doing any task which they see as important to fulfilling a goal

Well known ISTJs

1. Warren Buffet

2. Harry S. Truman

3. Roy Disney

Strengths and Weaknesses


1.Loyal and Faithful

2.Will work long and hard to fulfill duties


1.Dislike change

2.Not willing to express ideas

Other Traits

1. Honor their commitments

2. Excessive love for food and drinks

3. Share Knowledge from past experiences and use it to tackle new problems

4. Not afraid of hard work and will put forth a great deal of effort towards something they are interested in

5. Value honesty and integrity