Blakes Goals

Term 3 reflection of my goals

My Literacy Goal

My literacy goal was to be able to read more fluently and read more at home. I think I have achieved this goal because I am reading heaps more than I did last term, and i'm starting to be more interested in the book that i'm reading. For example I have been reading the Floods series, it is a series about family of witches and wizards who get up to all different types of weird things, also I have been practicing reading stuff out loud to my parents to make my speech better.

My new GOAL for this term is to make sure focus on my editing after I write a story.

My Maths Goal

My maths goal was to be able to find the lowest common multiple to the highest common factor of a number. I still struggle with this goal and find it hard to remember how to do it. So I am going to stick with this goal for another term to get it edged into my brain. So I can move onto another one next term.

Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple Part 1


My Aspire goal was to focus on enjoying myself a bit more and not take everything so seriously. I have defiantly achieved this goal, because I have trying to enjoy every last drop of my time at Raroa. For example I trailed for the volleyball team. It was a new experience and was a sport I had never played before but I gave it a crack anyway even being a shorty.

My Fitness Goal

My Fitness goal was to get 10.00 or more on the beep test. Last term I wasn't able to achieved this goal after only getting 9.7 on the beep test. I didn't help that I just came back from a broken arm. But since then have been going hard out with my running to get my fitness up for football. I have been running from school to home which is in Grenada Village basically every day and in the weekends doing time trial runs up these big hills. This has improved fitness heaps, so I carnt wait to do the beep test this term.