Mr. T's (Almost) Weekly Newsletter

For ELA, SS, and GMS Updates


SMOD free day will be December 12th and students will need 11 Power Paws to participate. Students who do not have 11 Paws should work on earning them between now and the 12th.

English / Language Arts Update

What Have We Been Doing?

All written and typed research papers were due on December 5th and are currently being graded. Please understand that I have 50+ papers to grade and want to make sure each student's paper is graded fairly and equally. This takes time and when grades come are in, I will send home a scoring breakdown. This paper counts as a project grade for ELA.

What Will We Be Doing?

We will be reviewing our benchmark test to find our errors and learn from our mistakes. This will happen during ELA block next week and will be revisited periodically throughout the year so that we are prepared for our EOG tests at the end of the year.

Along with reviewing benchmarks, we will beginning a mini-unit that works with skills from up until this point in the year. Students will be working in Centers, with partners, independently, to complete tasks both on the tablet and on paper. Stay tuned for more information!

I am also happy to announce that we will be completing a mini-unit on computer language where the students will be learning to code and program a computer. The unit is called "The Hour Of Code" and is sponsored by Check out the website for more information and to try it out for yourself!

Social Studies Update

What Have We Been Doing?

We have been presenting our "Paper-Slide videos" and beginning to discuss the geography of Africa. We have created a map and reviewed a PowerPoint about the different animals and flora of Africa.

What We Will Be Doing?

We are going to continue with our Ancient Africa unit by exploring how it has molded and influenced current day society. After our Africa unit, we are also going to be looking at the different religions of the world and the role these religions have played in social structures and conflicts. A letter went home on Thursday (Dec. 4th, 2014) explaining the unit and the letter is to be returned no later than December 9th. If you feel your child should not participate in this unit for any reason, please complete the form and return it to school. If you have any questions, please email me.

PTA Dance

Friday, Dec. 12th, 6-8pm

320 Lindley Rd

Greensboro, NC

The PTA is sponsoring the December Dance on 12/12/14 from 6-8PM. The cost to attend is $5 and the money goes towards putting on future dances and other events for the students. Please make sure that all students that are attending are picked up promptly at 8PM.

Also, please consider joining the PTA. It is only $5 and the classroom with the most parents signed up will win special prizes to be announced soon!