Please adopt me!

My name is Mickey.

Come on you know I am adorable!

Hi, folks! I'm Mickey not to be confused with the Mickey in Florida and California, although I was named after that famous guy! I'm from these here parts, Maryland, and I'm looking for my forever home. My owner surrendered me. They could no longer take adequate care of me due to financial hardship. At least they were unselfish. Now, I'm with AARF and passing my days hanging out with my foster family.

Let's get to the cool stuff. I'm a mature, 6 years young, purebred Yorkshire terrier. Yep, I've got my papers to prove it! I'm small, no more than 9 pounds, in stature. I'm a handsome boy with a nice fluffy brown coat with a couple of other colors blended in. Make sure to checkout my photo shoot when you have a moment. I know that you'll be sold immediately and will be tripping all over yourself to be the first to adopt me.

Moving right along to some other housekeeping matters. I'm well on my way to being housebroken. My foster family reports great strides in this area. I'll do the crate if need be. Honestly, I'd rather be right by your side at all times if possible. I'm learning the whole leash routine. I'm a prince, and I'd rather not be bogged down with a fancy contraption meant to guide me along. They tell me practice makes perfect. Speaking of becoming perfect, first off, I'm in good health, but I could use some help obtaining my million-dollar smile. Secondly, I'll need some obedience training. Let's just say that in my former life I was treated like royalty and was allowed to pretty much do what I wanted. Boy have I gotten a rude awakening! It has been smooth sailing thus far, but I've still got some things to learn.

I'm running out of room to smooze! So here are some quick highlights. I'm good with other doggies. But, I'm more of a follower versus a leader. I get along well with small children. Being little creatures and all we can relate. However, adult humans really tickle my fancy!!! I never get bored with you humans. I'm a little shy at first. But, then it's on like Donkey Kong. I'll be in your lap. I'll be by your side. I'll be spooning you. I'll be pawing at you to play. I'll be your little ray of sunshine basking in your love and affection.

Are you sold yet? Please visit to toss your hat in the ring to take handsome old me home at a bargain price, better known as my adoption fee, of $250, which covers my routine vetting, neutering, vaccinations, microchip, and even 30 days of FREE pet insurance.