Capitalism Vs. Communism

By: Abbi Woodcock


  • An economic system in which production is decided and distributed by private owners and not by the government.
  • Used in a free market
  • Usualy used by democratic governments.


  • A system of government in which the means of production is the property of the government.
  • created by Karl Marx
  • Used in a command economy.

The Rise Of Communism

In Russia....

  • Communism began when serfdom was abolished leaving the people more poor than ever. This caused them to be enraged influencing them to overthrow the Czar. That caused Russians then to adopted the ideas of Karl Marx. The father of communism.

Czars Vs. Communism Leaders

The leadership under communism and the Czars are very similar. They both had strong militaries. They focused on weapons and concurring land but lacked concentration on its people. They differ because the Czars were kings and the communist leaders were not.

Gathering Allies

NATO and The Warsaw Pact

  • NATO is an alliance of countries from Europe and North America That links them together in order to defend and conduct multinational crisis-managment.
  • The Warsaw Pact is the Soviet Union plus seven European allies that signed a treaty to establish a mutual agreement that allows the soviet union to be incharge of the armed forces, in order to protect them.

Containing Communism


  • 1950
  • Between North Korea and South Korea (anti-communist)
  • The U.S. assisted South Korea by aiding them, with military.
  • Still tension in modern day.
  • Ex. President trumen placed ships on the outside of North Korea inorder to contain.


  • 1954
  • Between North and Souith Vietnam
  • 500,000 U.S. military personel
  • President Nixen ordered a withdraw in 1973. Causing us to loose.


  • 1979
  • On christmas soviet troops invaded to make Afghanistan a Russian satalite.
  • U.S. had been making progress in Egypt, Isreal, Saudia Arabia and Pakistan to further seise control.
  • U,S. then led an invasion to overthrow the taliban in 2001.

The Fall of Communism.


  • In 1961 Germany's Capitol was split in two, one side was the U.S. and the other Russia.The communist side did not allow its residents to cross to the U.S. so they built a wall called the berlin wall to divide the city.
  • in the year 1988-1989 the government of Russia was weakening.
  • On 1998, November 9th the wall was opened for all to pass to what ever side.

Velvet Revolution

  • Due to, Mikhail Gorbachevs idea of glasnost (the openess of the freedom to say what you believe) and perestoika (the restruckturing of Russias government) Russian had been mostly peacfull compared to the rest of its history.
  • It was a peacful ending of communism because of comprimise.
  • On November 17th 1989 a peacful protest began, protesting anti-communism and ended as students hospitolized from being beaten by police.
  • This became a major issue for the government because of people protesting everywhere for the government to resign.


  • Created in 1918 after World War 1.
  • Began to fall because of strikes and protest in 1989.
  • Forced to resign.
  • One of these protest was the Velvet Revolution.


  • Becuase of all the tension during the 1980s Yugoslavia split apart causing wars.
  • After the communist fell so did Yugoslavia.
  • 1991 one of the provinces declared independence.
  • Wars left lots of economic and political damage.