Arabic 1 Newsletter Friday 1/30

Module 1 Lesson 1 is Available NOW

صباح الخير شباب (Sabah Elkhair Shabab)

I made Module 1 Lesson 1 Available for you to work on the weekend if you are done with week 1&2 assignments. The lesson will OFFICIALLY start on Monday, but I thought this might give you a head start on the week. Check "Your Grade" to see if you are still missing any assignments.

What assignments are Due for THIS week 2 (Jan 26- 30)?

1· ____ Download BBIM (graded assignment)

2· ____ Respond to your teacher’s “Welcome Email” by clicking on Messages tab in the navigation bar (graded assignment)

3· ____ Getting Acquainted (Discussion Board)

4· ____ How do you learn ( LinguaFolio – graded assignment))

5· ____ Academic Integrity Quiz (graded assignment)

Past Due Assignments from Week 1

1. ____ Save and print the “Due Date Calendar”

2.____ “Orientation- Start Here” tab on the navigation bar: carefully read all information

3· ____ Language Coaching sign up doc. This Doc is closed for you now so you need to EMAIL or TEXT Me to get your name on it (graded assignment)

Arabic 1 Due Date Calendar- MUST Print

**You should print out a copy of this document and use as a check-off list to ensure that you complete everything, thoroughly, and on time. This is only a schedule of the assignments that you are to complete.

Goes to Arabic 1 Coaching CHAMPS Who Successfully Attended Thursday's Coaching Sessions. Awesome Shabab!!

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Coaching Sessions Take Place in Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) Virtual Classroom.

All students are required to have two 45min. speaking sessions with language coach every week. The list of our coaches is below. Once you find out who your coach is and when you will do speaking sessions click on the link under the image of your coach to enter their virtual classroom. You will need a headset with working microphone to participate is speaking sessions.

The conversation sessions will take place in virtual classroom called Blackboard Collaborate. To learn how to set it up and use it make sure to go over the following links:

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Alphabet Writing Game To Practice ا ب ت ث و ي

If you are curious and anxious to get started to learn the Arabic letters, then click on the link HERE. My kids LOVE this game. My 6 year old Son's favorite letter is "Alif" which looks exactly like number one in English.

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