Do you know about Freshwater?

About freshwater

The kinds of animals around freshwater are like;Aquatic birds, amphibians, mammals, and fish. It has less than 1% of salt concentration. This is freshwater helps the world, people would not be alive without it. We use freshwater for washing clothes, drinking, give us energy, and even more things. Freshwater has regions:ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. This are moving bodies of freshwater.

About Ponds and Lakes

Ponds and lakes have a difference between each other. I will tell you about ponds. They last for a couple of months. It has a limited enough of water to support flowers and plants. Since the water is not too deep the temperature is the same at the bottom and top, it only changes if the weather changes. Now lakes can be there for hundreds of years. This is a bit like a pond but it is a large bodies of water surrounded by land. The difference between these two are that the lake is bigger than the pond. The lake is deep and it's temperatures are different. When I say temperature's, I mean that the lake has three layers of different temperature. The top layer is 65-75 degrees F, middle layer is 45-65 degrees F, the bottom is 39-45 degrees F. The reason the creatures are at the top f the water is because it is the warmest. These are the difference between ponds and lakes.

Ponds and Lakes

Streams and Rivers

Facts of streams and rivers

The streams and rivers have clear water and also has higher oxygen level.Fish can be found here, for an example trout and heterotrophs. All rivers and streams start at a high point. There can be many of these around but they join together to make a bigger stream or river. These streams join a body of water that is larger. There is not much to say about streams and rivers. Well this is what I figured out.


Facts about wetlands

Wetlands is land covered in water or salt water. It exist everywhere in the world continents except Antarctica. Wetlands started at the end of the last ice age. Debris filled in the water and left behind shallow wetland ponds surrounded by land. When ever the rivers over flow and get on land they also make a wetland. They are not too deep and they have plants and grass beside or on top. There are two main types of wetlands:Coastal tidal wetlands and salt marshes. Most insects are around here.